Estrie Glace

Estrie Glace ice is a major food provider in the region of the Eastern Townships and Montérégie . For over 20 years, the company produces and distributes its own ice for consumption in ice cube ice block or bulk. With refrigerated trucks , Estrie Glace made ​​ice delivery 7 days 7 with many shops and businesses.

Why choose Estrie Glace?
  • Quick and courteous service 7 days a week
  • Industrial-quality equipment
  • Superior-quality food-grade ice
  • I.P.I.A. member food certification

In 2014 , we built a new ice plant , allowing us to better meet the growing demand of our customers. Our new industrial facilities make us a plant with great production capacity. We have a freezer that can store up to one million kilograms of ice, but our priority is first and foremost to offer a pure ice responsive to the highest criterion in the ice industry.

In 2019, we increased our production capacity to 150 tons of ice per day. With this investment, Estrie Glace has become one of the largest ice producers in eastern Canada.

In 2021, in order to better address the growing demand, we made the decision to expand our facilities. This expansion was undertaken with the purpose of accommodating the implementation of three fully automated packaging lines. Thanks to this state-of-the-art new installation, we succeeded in increasing our productivity while effectively solving a labor shortage issue we were facing.

In 2023, continuing our pursuit of continuous process improvement and food safety enhancement, we introduced a significant innovation. This involves the incorporation of a metal detection system in our process. This initiative aims to ensure higher quality of our products by detecting any unwanted presence of metals, while further strengthening the food safety standards that we are committed to upholding.

In our Magog facility, ice is made using potable water, filtered on site. Moreover, the water is analyzed on a regular basis by an independent laboratory to ensure us of its purity.

An ice supplier that you can always rely on
Our industrial equipment allows us to quickly produce large quantities of ice cubes. Ice distribution and freezer loans are offered 7 days a week. Festivals, special events, busy periods, concrete cooling and emergency service for ice machines that are out of order, defective, or under-performing, etc.

Food-grade ice and for food preservation
Estrie Glace is the ice supplier for several convenience stores, grocery stores, campgrounds and bars in the Estrie and Montérégie regions. We supply freezers and we take care of refilling. All you have to do is contact us; we take care of the rest.

Ice for concrete
Estrie Glace also supplies large quantities of ice to concrete companies. The cooling of concrete is an essential part of quality concrete production. This is why Estrie Glace delivers bulk ice (18 kg and more) directly to concrete plants.

Les Appâts de l'Estrie
In addition to being an ice supplier, Estrie Glace distributes fish bait. Worms, maggots and minnows are delivered by Estrie Glace to supply convenience stores and hunting and fishing stores.

Estrie Glace
2037, boul. Industriel
Magog (Québec) J1X 0W7
1 855-847-0865

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