Estrie Glace produces different sizes of food-grade ice and ice for concrete to meet your needs.

2.7 kilogram bag of ice cubes
Ice cubes are very handy for cooling drinks and preserving food.

Ice cube bag of 12 kilos
The bags of 12 kilos can be used in large quantities to replace the heavy weight of 20 kilos. This product is sold in some convenience store and grocery store specific . It is usually sold in large quantities for the cooling of concrete. More detail in our section CONCRETE

4 kilogram blocks of ice
Block food-grade ice is often used by construction and excavation workers to keep their water bottles cool.

Blocks of ice sculpture for 136 kilos

Whether for a wedding or a festival , Estrie Glace work in collaboration with several ice sculptor in Quebec and Ontario. You just have to contact us for more details .

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